Saturday, January 28, 2017

Updated: City's Bicycle Laws Need Overhauling

Fairhope, Alabama

Update from a committee member:

" I am a member of the Bike-Ped committee and just want to clarify that the biggest discrepancy between the city ordinance and the state law is that the ordinance makes it "not unlawful" to ride on sidewalks outside of the central business district while the state law says that it is against the law to ride on any sidewalks. The city ordinances do designate a few sidewalks downtown as bike paths but the big discrepancy is outside of downtown, where the city allows riding on sidewalks and the state doesn't."

Bishop second from right


Police Officer Bunky Bishop told the committee that some older city ordinances regarding bicycles do not comply with current Alabama law and need to be revised.

The local laws say riding bicycles are permitted only on a few "designated bike paths"  -- but many new paths have been constructed since the ordnance was written, apparently in the 1980s.

The discrepancies were brought to his attention by a committee member.

Bishop: "Some of the municipal laws for bicycles are so wrong ... go against state law ... and common sense ... designated bike paths are inconsistent ... got to revisit this ... take it to city attorney? ... to make conform to state laws ... ."


Anonymous said...

Yes, add a bicycle training class so these people ALSO follow the rule of the road.

Austin Good said...

Just yesterday I witnessed 4 commuters run red lights and vehicles parked on the sidewalk on a designated bike bath (Eastern Shore Trail) I think the worst drivers in the country are in Fairhope AL. Do you know the rules of the road regarding bicycles?...Just curious.

Anonymous said...

You should have to get a permit to ride bikes, just like car and motorcycles. The bikers run red lights cut across sidewalks and pedestrian walk paths. The police should write tickets and this would stop. I avoid down town because they fly by you when you are stopped at a light about knocking off your mirror, then yell and cuss at you because you almost hit them when it is there bad driving that about caused a wreck. Fairhope do something before someone is blamed again for hitting a biker when it is the biker in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bicyclists are just road kill here in the south.

Anonymous said...

So agree with previous poster. I have no problem with cyclist, but they need to heed the road laws as well. Too many times I see them in the middle of the road with no regard to "rules of the road".

Anonymous said...

last comment about bicyclists being road kill is nothing short of chilling. You sound like one angry vindictive old man who got cut off by a bike once ten years ago and can't let it go. I truly hope you're not out behind the wheel much anymore

Anonymous said...

I had a lady and man pass me on the passenger side of my car. I was getting out of my car and they both yelled profanity at me. If you pass a vehicle you should pass on the left hand side. Bicycles should never be on the sidewalk either but they fly around people and elderly people can't hear them nor get out of the way quick enough.

Anonymous said...

Cyclist should learn the rules of the road too.