Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fairhope Art Center Upgrades Planned

Fairhope, Alabama


A fundraising campaign is underway to raise money to expand exhibit space the Eastern Shore Art Center, update mechanical systems and add other amenities such as a front pavilion and patio.

A $200,000 donation from the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation plus various others reached the halfway point to the $500K goal. (The FSTC donation was mostly-used to upgrade the failed air conditioning system according to its president Lee Turner)

According to Capital Campaign literature provided, the original building was constructed in 1965 and has been expanded over the years and the time has come for another update to

*Create a stunning new entrance and facade
*Bring mechanical and electrical systems up to peak efficiency
*Address health, safety and comfort issues in galleries and classrooms
*Improve the layout
*Provide greater handicapped access

"In order to continue to serve our community we must build for the present and future so that our facilities keep up with our mission of bringing art to the entire community."

The ESAC is a private, non profit 501(c)(3) corporation: Kate Fisher is the current Executive Director.

For more details or to contribute click here.

Entrance plaza plan

401 Oak Street

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