Saturday, January 28, 2017

Fairhope Submits New BP Oil Spill Requests

Fairhope, Alabama

Meeting at Five Rivers Nature Center Thursday 


Several citizens and representatives from the city addressed the AGCR council in support of funding additional local projects using civil fines already levied under the Federal Clean Water Act resulting from the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010.

Fairhope's mayor, currently Karin Wilson, holds an ex officio place on the council.

Two previous requests were made in 2014 (Projects ID#s 106 and 126 for about $55 million), but these new smaller ones are seen to be more realistic and have a greater chance of being awarded.

 Mayor Wilson, center


Generally, the new requests for about $6.8 million are for improvements to the city's Fly Creek Marina area including channel dredging, a new comprehensive growth plan, stabilization of  wind/water erosion of beaches and bluffs along the Mobile Bay waterfront -- and to address other planning and storm water management issues:

Bluff erosion
*Project 332.  Working Waterfront and Greenspace Restoration to contribute to the redevelopment of the Fairhope Fly Creek marina ... integrating the Clean Harbors program to provide a mixed-use, environmentally-friendly working-waterfront marina... . Also, to implement the new Beach Management Plan for bluff and beach erosion stabilization along the Mobile Bay waterfront ... and also to develop a storm water education project for the public.

*Project 331.  Planning Assistance for developing a new community based comprehensive land use plan that will incorporate all previous planning efforts and integrate community involvement to create a long-term vision for future growth in the Fairhope area.

(For complete project list and descriptions click here)

Jennifer Fidler
The ten-member recovery council was created by the federal RESTORE Act in 2012 and consists of the governor, chairmen of the Baldwin and Mobile County commissions and mayors of several local cities including Fairhope.

It will take four votes by council members to accept the new RFE's (requests for evaluations) for consideration; that will be done at a future meeting.

Interested Fairhope citizens are encouraged to contact the council to express support - click.

Fly Creek marina problems

Beach erosion continues

Bob Riggs
Jonathan Smith


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Good to know our new Wonder Woman mayor is on the job!

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How come Wilson got to sit in the center seat?

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Fairhope always using the blame game. Free handouts.