Friday, January 20, 2017

Updated: Fairhope's Flower Clock Loses Hands

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: A spokesman for the city says parts have been ordered and repairs should be completed in about a week.


The city's world famous flower clock has been dismantled due to problems with its gearbox; repairs are underway.

The clock was installed in 2013, a joint project with the city and Eastern Shore Art Center's Committee On Public Art.

From a report at that time: 
"The hands and clock mechanism are from Elderhorst Bells of Palm, Penn. The hands are made of heavy aluminum. The overall design will be 30 feet in diameter.
mechanical box
The flower clock idea was first proposed by Mayor Kant who said it has been on his wish list for many years. The idea was one of several project suggestions considered by COPA from monies raised from its Jumpin’ Jubilee public art project and auction in 2011."

"With the flower clock proposal, COPA would foot the $17,000 bill for the clock hands and the mechanism, while the city would install it and provide maintenance. 
Public Works Director Jennifer Fidler has worked with COPA members on plans and estimates that the startup cost for the city would be about $34,000 with annual upkeep at $13,000. All money would come out of Fidler’s department budget."

Update: The clock has been repaired and is back in operation:


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