Sunday, January 22, 2017

More Parking Coming To Downtown

Fairhope, Alabama

The new 49-space parking lot behind the library is almost completed.


Anonymous said...

Will this parking lot be filled with Faulkner (now costal Alabama) students like most of our parking spaces in the mornings during the week?

Anonymous said...

No, the students will not park there until they have exhausted all spots in front of banks and retailers. The saddest thing is that the Faulkner administration has dug their heels in and won't even ask the students to have a bit of respect for Greer's and other retailers. When I see super chubby people refusing to walk, I can pretty much gauge their future success rate in the world! To all Faulkner students……potential employers will assess you on your physical fitness and respect for others, so please begin adopting positive habits for your life!

Anonymous said...

If employers gauge people on their physical appearance then employers will have very few employees. Get out of Fairhope and look around the real world, and then you might come to understand. The next time a chubby nurse helps saves your life or attends to your needs when you are sick, you may have a different opinion.

Respect of others is a critical issue for everyone, so temper your words and stop judging. The problem should be addressed with the administration at Coastal Community College and the city leaders about parking.

Not everyone can be as beautiful as all the elite people of Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

Fat and lazy equals fat and lazy employees…….no question. Fat and lazy employees don't have enough energy to do anything and will never be hired for good jobs.