Monday, February 6, 2017

Big Fairhope Road Projects Moving Forward

Fairhope, Alabama



The county's Metropolitan Planning Organization met last week in Spanish Fort and heard updates from its coordinator Sarah Hart that should be good news for Fairhope-area commuters.

Construction is now expected to begin this year on:

*Four-laning of Hwy 181 from CR 64 (Daphne) south to Hwy        

*Construction of the city's second roundabout at CR13 and
  Gayfer Ave.

*A sidewalk along Gayfer from Bishop Rd. to Meadowbrook Rd.

*Longer left turn lanes for US 98 north and south of Parker Road

*Resurfacing and widening of CR 13 from Hwy 104 to Fairhope

*Completion of synchronizing (adaptive) traffic signals along US 98
*Paving of Scenic 98 from Nelson Drive in Fairhope to Mullet Point (CR1).

MPO Policy Board meeting

Funding for the projects comes from various local, state and federal sources; and new BP oil spill fine money appropriated by the state legislature last year as well.

Re-locating of utilities for the roundabout at Gayfer Road and CR 13 will be the first step there.

Hart warned however that timelines often slip due to changes in state Alabama Department of Transportation priorities.

New roundabout here at CR13 and Gayfer Avenue
CR13 to be widened and paved


Sandy McDonald said...

Why are the BP oil spill funds being used on road construction? Why are they not being used to clean up the water?

Publisher said...

Last year the state legislature voted to use some BP fine money to fund Medicaid and coastal-area road constrution.

Anonymous said...

Peggy McDonald's question remains unanswered. Why would our state spend the BP oil spill settlement on streets and Medicaid. The government's settlement should have been used solely for the reason the settlement was awarded, and it wasn't to repair streets--what a fraud!

Anonymous said...

The oil spill adversly affected touriusm as well as locals spending, which adversly affected tax collections, thus money lost for infrastruture improvements is now returned for infrastructure improvements.
Rocket Science

Anonymous said...

Rocket Science--makes no difference now. The government has spoken.
I guess all that BP money worked--its almost impossible to visit the beach due to crowds in the summer, and every scrap of land either has an existing building or one being constructed.

Maybe some BP money needs to be spent on constructing islands off the beach like the Chinese are doing in the South China Sea--that will promote some more tourism (which around here is called growth).

Hank said...

"its almost impossible to visit the beach due to crowds in the summer, and every scrap of land either has an existing building or one being constructed."

The same thing can be said about Fairhope. God forbid there be an
empty lot in Fairhope. Development is out of control.

Anonymous said...

Big roads just bring in more people and big box stores.

Anonymous said...

And tax dollars for services to make life easier for all!

Anonymous said...

Lyin Jack had the weakest opponent ... not a credible candidate.

Anonymous said...

The reason someone has a weak opponent is because anyone that was real smart would not challenge someone that is strong!

And stay in the thread on the other page! Learn to blog!

Anonymous said...

We need a Lowe's and some other retailers so the commoners can afford to shop, and we need a nice Barnes and Noble book story, their coffee, desserts, and hot cocoa are good!

They have nice chairs to lounge around in while you scan over a few books. And they have a great selection of books!

And they don't serve alcohol so the kids are not exposed to this type of lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Well said jack!
You always did have a high opinion of yourself!

Anonymous said...

And tax dollars for services to make life easier for all!

No, it puts much more strian on all infrastruture, brings more crime, noise and polution, it makes life harder for most while quickly depleating those extra tax dollars so everything eventually is in a constant state of neglect.

Anonymous said...

Wish people would start follwing traffic laws.

Dennis Heimann said...

Correct me if I am wrong but I guess the state has spent already a lots of money on cleaning up the mess caused by BP, instead of spending the money in construction and so on. So BP’s money will now be spend in construction. I think it’s fair to do so. There are couple of needle ears where traffic gets horrible evey day. The better the infrastructure the more attractive the area is!