Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mobile Baykeeper Opposes Trump's Environmental Cuts

Fairhope, Alabama


Casi Callaway, Director of the Mobile Baykeeper organization asked Congressman Byrne to oppose proposed cuts to local environmental protection programs in the President's new budget.

Callaway: "ADEM would see a 44.5% cut ... the EPA ... NOAH ... water quality monitoring... and we are already 49th in the nation for funding ... ."

"We need a strong state agency because the environment is our economy in coastal Alabama ... 30% of the state's revenue is generated here."

"It may not be popular in your party, but we need you to stand strong ... ."


Byrne replied that the president had only presented a "skinny" budget so far -- a more detailed one will follow.

Daphne council chambers
Byrne: "Its aspirational ... we never accept the president's first budget ...  appropriations committees are where the rubber really meets the road ... where money is spent.""

While conceding that some cuts could be made to programs like federal oversight of fisheries, he said he "opposed cutting what protects the water, woods, and air of southwest Alabama" and have to "keep it clean."

He mentioned some "wonderful federal programs" at the Weeks Bay Reserve and Dauphin Sea Lab as examples.

Byrne said he has already written letters of support for such programs to various appropriations committees "where the money really gets spent" and intends to "continue to be that kind of advocate."


Anonymous said...

No one wants their budget cut, everyone that gets a piece of the federal pie wants to keep it. If not the EPA then who, if not HUD then what agency should he cut.

Cuts have to come from somewhere. If everyone wants more money then go to the private sector.

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing government should do, it should be to ensure clean air and water. The private sector has no incentive to do anything but make a profit.

Anonymous said...

If you think Byrne cares you're not very smart.
Byrne cares about staying in D.C. and pleasing his base.

Anonymous said...

I think every dime that the federal government spends should be cut by at least 25%…..there is so much waste and so many lazy departments. Let's cut department's budget by as much as possible (other than IRS and defense) and then see where we are. All Federal employees are a product of government out of control and we need to let water seek its own level.

Anonymous said...

Everyone says no cuts to the military but those of us who have actually served know all about the tremendous waste there.

Anonymous said...

The country has gone from president Washington who could not tell a lie it was said, to Trump a pathological liar apparently.

Sad to see!

Anonymous said...

I've served, and there is indeed some waste but if you think the bureaucrats are going to send the restricted funding to the troops, you are crazy. The bureaucrats will spend the money on what they think is important, not what the troops need, and thus, if you cut defense then you cut monies for the troops.

EPA is out of control and needs to be seriously reduced.

Anonymous said...

Corruption in the military industrial complex is legendary but usually gets a free pass these days.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is in all industries in America, especially Government. Politicians are the most corrupt, they know it, we know it but yet, we keep electing them into office.

AS far as the military, it is our corrupt politicians that keep sending our young men and women to war, so if there is going to be increased spending, then pay and equip our troops.

Anonymous said...

This is a bad time to be an American. Climate change is real science. I don't understand people.

Anonymous said...

ok, I'm a republican but I also believe in taking care of the environment. Your comment that it is a bad time to be an American is uncalled for and you should be ashamed for the remark. However with that said, it is a free country and no one is holding you here. 😤