Saturday, April 29, 2017

Update: New 'Senior Living Community' Approved

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: At its May meeting, the Planning Commission unanimously approved the two drainage waivers mentioned below after a review by engineers concluded they could be omitted without compromising drainage requirements.

The 5.4 acre property is zoned R-5.

There will be two, 2-story apartment buildings and one, 1-story community building with total square footage of about 53K sq. ft. -- containing 44 one-bedroom and 4 two-bedroom units, as well as 96 parking spaces.

Mark Sekas owns the property according to public records.

Publisher's Note: Significant state open meeting law violations  may have occurred at the May meeting: the Times is investigating eyewitness reports.

Bishop Road north of Edwards Avenue


At its April meeting, the Planning Commission conditionally approved 'Graceway' a 48 unit multiple occupancy project located on R-5 zoned property in the city limits on the west side Bishop Road north of Edwards Avenue (north of the intermediate school).

(The commission had approved the subdivision of the property in December of 2016.)

Planning Director Wayne Dyess said the project met all requirements except for the ten LID (environmentally-friendly low impact development) drainage techniques necessary: only eight could be met but the commission may grant a waiver for the other two.
Planning Director Dyess

Project engineer Andy Bobe of Dewberry/Preble Risch said the problem is the soil type (poor "perc" rate) and elevation of the detention pond (backup possible) -- but possibly working with the city engineer ways could be found to  make the final two methods work without the waiver.

The commission approved the MOP (Multiple Occupancy Project) request with the condition that all ten LID methods be used; if not it will have to come back before the commission for a waiver request.

No members of the public spoke for or against the project; it was not mentioned if they were to be rental units or owner-occupied -- but the AHEPA senior apartments adjacent are rentals.

The property is owned by Mark Sekas according to public land records.

(Publisher's note: This item appears again on the agenda for the May 1st meeting.)

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Anonymous said...

Well we can see that the moratorium is about as useful as the entire city council.

Anonymous said...

Some more of Wilson's new developer friends no dout.

Anonymous said...

Great way to attract young families and new business to this area that contribute to the economy.
And more known and noted drainage issues!

Anonymous said...

We need more senior living, we're all getting older!

Anonymous said...

Seniors are cool!

Anonymous said...

Aren't we!

Anonymous said...

Those low income old people are going to move in an ruin the neighborhood..

Anonymous said...

Following basic state law is too much to ask of these Alabama people used to corruption in there governments.

Anonymous said...

So much for transparency.

Anonymous said...

Be careful who you accuse of being old and like w income. The community would be blessed to have me. I'm multi-degree undergrad plus almost two grad degrees. I've chaired committee and raised funds to put a wing on a hospital, taken in throw away teens and raised them to be teachers, nurses, counselors. Hit by a fire truck and disabled stopped my getting my law degree. And you think I would bring down the neighborhood values? Think again. You never when life is going to change the way you live. There but for the grace of God go you.

Anonymous said...

If you became a lawyer then the values would plummet. ;)

Anonymous said...

Old people as you say are the ones that worked hard all of their lives so a lot of these soccer and baseball fields could be built with tax paying dollars. You need to respect your elders and it is a blessing to grow old.