Sunday, April 23, 2017

Silverhill Heritage Day Festival 2017

Fairhope, Alabama

Our eastern neighbors held their annual Heritage Day Festival yesterday.

"Silverhill was founded in 1897 by Oscar Johnson, C. O. Carlson and C. A. Valentin of Chicago, Illinois. Oscar Johnson was an immigrant from DalarnaSweden. The Svea Land Company in Chicago, which advertised land for sale in Silverhill, was founded by Oscar Johnson. Land was acquired by purchase from a Mr. Harford, the first block of land being 1,500 acres (610 ha), which was added to from time to time as the colonization work progressed. Scandinavian settlers came to Silverhill from virtually every state in the Union and began the development of what is now the Silverhill district."


Hank said...

Thank you for covering this. This is a great community event, showcasing local history. My family was among the settlers.

Anonymous said...

It don't take much to entertain the Hillers.

Gil said...

Well, we all can't walk around with our noses in the air. This is the kind of fun we had in Fairhope as well years ago.