Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Flood Prone House Finally Demolished

Fairhope, Alabama


The house on Cedar Avenue that the city acquired last Summer using a FEMA hazard mitigation grant has finally been demolished by a private contractor; a grass swale is to be constructed and maintained there by the city to address flooding concerns in the neighborhood.

Flooding had been an issue for the occupants for several decades with water sometimes entering the house itself, culminating with the April 2014 super-rainstorm which was the impetus for the relief which was finally approved last year.

The city's building official was surprised to find it had been stripped of some of its siding before  the demo; the Times has learned some interior fixtures and appliances were removed as well.

Missing siding

From our October 2016 report:

Last June, the city council voted to accept a hazard mitigation grant of $225K from the Alabama Emergency Management Agency for the acquisition and demolition of the property: the city's required 25% matching share is about $62K of cash and in-kind work by city employees.

The post-disaster emergency management funds relating to the April 2014 rain even were under the control of Governor Bentley's office, which finally released them last May.



Anonymous said...

Government moves at snails pace here.

Anonymous said...

So who made off with the siding and other stuff?

Anonymous said...

What no good low lying thieves would take things of worth from a home being demolished?