Monday, May 8, 2017

Helicopter Lands At Volanta Park

Fairhope, Alabama

A medical transport helicopter landed at Volanta Park Sunday; a patient was transferred to an awaiting ambulance.

The vacant lot west of the satellite courthouse was used for many years but a medical clinic is under construction there now.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a helipad could be established at the VFW grounds on Nichols, much closer to Thomas Hospital and less travel time.

Anonymous said...

If the city planning and zoning had not stopped Thomas from building a parking garage with a HELI PAD on top as do most real hospitals in America,this would not be an issue, yet at Thomas they have no paid security,no available parking in any manner during the day .The so called guards are volunteers and not paid.Must have been all the wrongful death payouts that removed the funds to build this garage planned and designed Years ago.On the eastern shore the influx of transplants the lack of developments added to the area in a so called building moratorium,will continue to over run our already infrastructure.The horrific part is that a patient has to be trans feared more than once and pay all of the additional transportation requirements for the ambulance,help etc.Average help ride 15,000.00 ads an average with each ambulance is no less that 800.00 min.So if Thomas Mobile Infirmary Health care, ever really sets forth a real progressive format of design and implementation they might have a great hospital.Right now it's mediocre.

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster - yes, yes, yes in all aspects. For some reason, the city of Fairhope decided it wouldn't be aesthetic to their beautiful city. To heck with someones life. Remember when all of this was brought up years ago. I know that trying to find a parking place at the hospital, whether for a doctors visit or just a visitor, has totally turned so many people off. Oh sure, there are shuttles, but try waiting for one. When is this town going to realize there is more than just flowers? Why make a patient wait for a heli to take them somewhere? If it is bad enough to be life flighted, why put them through more anguish and trauma to get them to a location suitable?

Anonymous said...

Why not a helo pad on top of the hospital?

Hank said...

As a firefighter, we setup landing zones anywhere there is a 100x100 ft area to land the helo, close to the scene as possible. Usually we call them in for major traumas that the local hospitals cannot handle so they are flown to USA, Sacred Heart, or Baptist. A fixed pad is great for routine transport but the faster we can get a severely injured patient in the air and on the way to a trauma center, the better the chances for survival. The helos can land anywhere we setup a proper and safe landing zone for.

Anonymous said...

"yet at Thomas they have no paid security,no available parking in any manner during the day .The so called guards are volunteers and not paid"
A previous writer posted this comment. There are paid security personal for the hospital and thy also handle valet parking which the hospital provides at no charge. The shuttle drivers are all volunteer and do their best to transport persons from the parking area to the hospital or medical offices. There is no charge for this service either.Perhaps the city should reconsider their decision not to allow a parking deck after all the hospital is four story and a multi-story parking deck would not be out of place.