Sunday, May 21, 2017

Welcome Center Now Under New Management

Fairhope, Alabama


Museum of History Director Dr. Donnie Barrett was showing off the new wall mural-photo in the Welcome Center recently, taken by Curt Cochran and enlarged by Robert Tarabella.

The Welcome Center and volunteers there were recently put under the direction of the museum staff by the mayor due to its close proximity.

Barrett said he plans to redecorate other walls in the room -- as well as the entrance to the city's parking garage across Section Street in an effort to draw attraction to the under-used facility.


Stephen Savage said...

I think Donnie Barrett is an excellent choice to take over the direction of the visitor's center. He has revived the Fairhope Museum and made it an attraction to be proud of. He is tireless in his promotion of our fair city.
The visitors' center is an important component of our tourist infrastructure that has been ok until now, but could be much better and a more rewarding experience for the guests to our city.
Stephen Savage

Anonymous said...

Donnie Barrett is an outstanding and truly valuable citizen of our town and does a wonderful job at the museum and representing Fairhope in his talks and tours.