Saturday, June 24, 2017

'Cindy' Caused More Sewage Overflows

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: All of the reports mentioned below also say none of the discharge reached 'swimming water' and monitoring of 'receiving water' is 'not necessary.' We can find no records of tests of the bay water during this period. Perhaps the huge amount of rain (over 5 inches) sufficiently diluted the sewage: we will ask about that ... .

Middle Street manhole overflowed again


The Alabama Department of Environmental Management received reports of three sewage overflows from Fairhope utilities on June 21st during heavy rainfall:

1.  Over 10K gallons was discharged from a manhole on Middle Street (south of Valley St.) into the Tatumville gully system. Stormwater intrusion into the collection system there has been a chronic problem.

2.  Over 1K gallons escaped from a manhole on Lowry Avenue due to a "sewer main collapse." Runoff went into drainage ditches adjacent two homes in the neighborhood. City crews have repaired the collapsed main.

3. An undetermined amount (not listed on the report form) also escaped from a manhole on Knollwood Avenue into Steel Creek due to a "backed up lift station."

All of the affected areas were disinfected using bleach and other measures -- and warning signs posted.  Some of the pipes in the Middle St. area were recently lined to prevent leakage.

No sewage made it all the way into public swimming waters, according to the report.

Lowry Drive collapse site

Warning sign on Lowry Drive


Anonymous said...

All water leads to the bay. There's you problem. Not the first time.

Publisher said...

The last test-sample of the bay water was collected on June 19th. It was clear of bacteria ... according to ADEM data. The heavy rain occurred on June 21st. Apparently no samples were collected during/after the storm ... .

Anonymous said...

according to EPA supervisors the ADEM testing system is inadequate.The state of Alabama has NO ability to test much at all.See Fornices Magazine monthly Nov 2011 edition on the 16 page expose of the state forensic lab.

Anonymous said...

Baykeeper has a map showing the overflows that have happened by utility. Looks like >320k gal in Fairhope this year.