Sunday, June 25, 2017

Golf Clubhouse Repairs To Be Costly

Fairhope, Alabama


Representatives from Birmingham-based 'Engineering Design Technologies' told the city council that around $250K is the estimated repair costs to the Quail Creek clubhouse for water damage to the exterior facade and structural elements of the 1983-constructed building.

Mugg, second from left
The firm's chief architect David Mugg said the 'EIFIS' siding system had been installed wrong causing water-penetration, especially under the windows, damaging OSB boards and load bearing studs within.

Mugg a proposed complete facade replacement using 'Hardie Boards' (in combination with other new technologies) as well as replacing leaking windows and damaged sheathing/studs at a cost of about $250K -- allowing some or unforeseen problems that could be discovered later.


Mugg added he also noticed cracks in the concrete slab and rotting support columns on the porches outside.

Golf Director Bobby Hall observed that the concrete patio nearby had cracks, the wooden deck was rotting in places, and the entrance ramp and some elements of restrooms were not fully ADA compliant.

Mayor Wilson told the council she thought the whole clubhouse could be "opened up" and made more efficient so that less personnel would be needed to operate it,  and "improve the ambiance ... to make it a nice community clubhouse ... where more people would want to come before and after playing" creating additional revenue for the city.


One  city building official observed that "you could spend a lot on the exterior and renovations ... and still have just lipstick on a pig.  At what point does it not become feasible ... better to just build a new clubhouse?"

Councilman Brown thought that "no more should be spent on engineering until we decide what to do" -- and perhaps less-extensive repairs might be made to the building facade for now just to get it back open in anticipation of major renovations or replacement later.

Councilman Conyers: "I wouldn't want to put a quarter-million into the exterior ... without doing something to the interior too ... ."

Council president Burrell urged the group to think about their "vision" for the clubhouse: "what you want it to look like in five years" ... in preparation for next year's budget cycle.


Anonymous said...

Can nothing be built right in Fairhope? The library, the splash pad, the club house, etc.

Anonymous said...

It ought to be privatized.

Anonymous said...

So this is what you get when elected folks or their designees with no technical background are your project managers. I could name a few projects like this around town...

Anonymous said...

Everyone should watch the video of the Fairhope Council Meeting tonight. The Exec session began around 4:30. Jack Burrell had great comments about the repairs of this place.......however, later in the session he and Boone were adamant that the City of Fairhope continue to process sewer for Fish River. Please watch the meeting......Boone is either brain dead or Jack Burrell was great in the first half hour of the meeting...Robert Brown is the man I hoped that he would be when I voted for him.

Something quite 'fishy' is going on........even that Jay Robinson is manning up and we are so happy!!!

I am so happy with Robert Brown & Jay Robinson for not allowing Boone and Burrell to run over them that video........can't wait to see what 505 lot subdivision Boone & Burrell promised free sewer service to. You MUST watch the. video to see how upset they became when Jay Robinson and Robert Brown put.a limit on this.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what meeting you're talking about. Watched the whole thing and saw NOTHING about this meeting even remotely "fishy"