Sunday, June 18, 2017

Season's First Tropical System Forming in Gulf?

Fairhope, Alabama


It was hot and sunny along the Mobile Bay waterfront Sunday, but out in the Gulf of Mexico a tropical system is expected to form later this week (called Invest 93L). Heavy rain is usually the main concern with smaller storms.

At a recent town hall meeting held in the Library's Giddens room, the city's Emergency Manager John Saraceno advised a three-step strategy:

1. Make two emergency kits (one for staying, one for evacuation) including water and food for three days and a battery-powered radio.

2. Include a plan for continuing necessary, everyday activities: gasoline, finances, medical needs.

3. Stay informed about what may happen (such as storm direction and intensity).

A similar plan should be used for pets, he said.

See for more details (click) -- and the city's website for local resources (click).



If the governor orders it, Saraceno urged evacuation -- but for those who cannot due to sickness, lack of transportation, etc.,  there are emergency shelters available: the Fairhope Satellite Courthouse, Daphne Elementary School, and Baldwin County Coliseum in Roberstdale being nearest. (Each has a specified use.)

Saraceno: "Failing to prepare ... is preparing to fail."

Building Inspector Eric Cortinias urged effective house preparation before leaving though, such as protecting window glass and turning off electricity and natural gas.

He urged homeowners to check insurance as well to insure adequate coverage from all threats: thirty-two houses in the city flooded during the April 2014 super-rainstorm for instance -- but only two were actually in flood zones on EPA maps.


Anonymous said...

Keeping your trees trimmed is very important here too.

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Hurricane may be a good thing to bring us all together.

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Are you kidding? I can't believe someone would say such a thing.