Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tropical Storm 'Cindy' Arrives At Fairhope Pier

Fairhope, Alabama

The storm surge from tropical storm Cindy nearly reached the top of lower seawalls at the municipal pier and park late this morning.

The same was true at Magnolia Beach just to the south; Fly Creek overflowed its banks at the city's marina.

We found no significant flooding issues inland but there is a report of a collapsed sewage line in the White Grove neighborhood.

North pier park

Pier marina

Pier Street boat ramp

Magnolia Beach

pier restautant closed

Fly Creek municipal marina


Anonymous said...

what about our darling geese? are they safe?

Anonymous said...

The seawall and brick walkway are damaged on north side of pier.

Anonymous said...

I drove to the pier this afternoon. The geese are scattered and now are in the "dog park" and other areas along the beach. If city personnel employed "humane" measures to have them move, then all that was accomplished was moving them further down the beach. Maybe other measures will be necessary to convince the geese to migrate :)

Anonymous said...

Let's home this Mayor Wilson's employees don't shoot them as Mayor Kant's did. So cruel to lure them here with food and then shoot them at night when the tourists don't see.

Anonymous said...

The person that keeps commenting on the geese and trying to get attention by talking to themself Multiple comments by same person needs to be banned from blog.

Publisher said...

We get many anonymous comments about geese and other things that are not published; there is no way to determine their authors ... .