Friday, July 7, 2017

Bridge Design Problems Holding Up Trail Completion

Fairhope, Alabama

Hwy 98 at left


Construction of a five foot wide, multi-purpose trail along the east side of U.S. 98 from Hwy 104 north to South Drive has been completed, except for a missing link: the bridge over Fly Creek.

Issues arose about the proposed design of the bridge, such as long-term maintenance of a long wooden boardwalk and putting support pilings in the creek itself (cause obstruction?) -- so an alternate plan using a steel span bridge instead was developed.

U.S 98
The new design will be more expensive though ($25 - 50K more ) and there are issues with overhead power lines that make installation by crane problematic.

Engineers from Volkert Inc. are working with city operations director  Richard Peterson on the new plan that should be ready soon to submit to the city council, according to informed sources.

The metal span over the creek may be angled slightly to facilitate installation by crane under the power lines.


A contract was awarded last Summer to low bidder 'Arlington Curb and Construction' for $630K, but extensions have been granted for completion.

The project is being funded by a federal TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) grant through ALDOT and the Eastern Shore MPO: a 20% match was required from the city.

Providing more alternatives to cars is one way to reduce traffic congestion.


Chance said...

Not a fan of it. It allows the undesirables that don't have cars to easily get into Rock Creek.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

actually It was the Woodlanders who tried to stop it to keep the rif raf out.

Anonymous said...

When we moved here my first impression was that rock creek was a very undesirable neighborhood. It is too big and too much traffic. A lot of unattractive homes. I cried when I thought we would move there. It is funny that the person made the comment that undesirables could come in. Get together with all of the other homes and make it gated. My guess is you do not want to fork out the money. To my knowledge the streets are public. No one is any better than anyone else. So funny.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up people do not take it all so seriously!