Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fish River Sewer Service Deadline Approaching

Fairhope, Alabama

CR 32 Tuesday, west side of bridge


Baldwin County Sewer Service crews were busy this afternoon (Tuesday) installing an 8" sewer pipeline along CR32 east of Fish River in the Marlow area (that will cross over the bridge) to service about 100 BCSS customers (potentially up to 1,500) east of the river that are now being severed by City of Fairhope Utilities, according to a previous agreement.

Terms of an extension were discussed by the city council in late June; but council president Burrell told the Times today:

"I asked (purchasing department staff) today what happens to the contract after the expiration date ... and he told me he had no involvement with it at this time.  The council had an offer prepared to present to BCSS for the long term, but we were under the impression that it would not be accepted since they were putting in the large sewer line.  We are willing to continue for some time to treat their sewage, however, I wish we had the opportunity to negotiate some temporary terms."

In May, river-area residents expressed environmental concerns about running the line under (or over) the river; monthly charges for their service could change as well (increase).

Currently, the city charges substantial "tap" fees  (for new connections) and BCSS does not; but monthly basic rates for BCCS customers in general are considerably higher.

(The city's service has always operated in the red financially -- or broken about even.)

A source in the city's utility department told the Times that a special council meeting may be needed to grant time for completion; but councilman Boone thought that if the new line is not completed in time "nobody from the city is going out to shut it off."

Boone said earlier that BCCS would definitely not be interested in selling the service to the city as an alternative.

Equipment owned by the private company in the area is in need of expensive upgrades, according to city officials.

Fish River bridge Sunday (where the line is to be hung)

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