Sunday, July 16, 2017

Marlow Community Sewer Service Agreement Expires

Fairhope, Alabama

CR 32 west of bridge today

An agreement for the City of Fairhope Utilities to provide sewer service to about 100 current customers (but potentially up to 1,500) of the private Baldwin County Sewer Service west of Fish River ( east of Hwy 181) expired last Wednesday; but a new pipeline being installed by the company to take over has not yet made it over the bridge on CR 32.

The agreement was part of a lawsuit settlement over an incident in 2007; the city has been using BCSS equipment that is now in need of repair/upgrade.
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City councilman Boone told the Times recently he thought BCSS would need permission from the county to hang the pipe under the county's bridge -- but no one from the city was going to shut off  customers' service before that happened.

At their last meeting in June, the city council proposed an extension of the agreement; but the terms were not satisfactory to the company, according to a city source.

Highway 181 is the traditional jurisdiction line for the two sewer services.

BCSS's statement:

"Since 2007, Baldwin County Sewer Service (BCSS) has held an agreement with the City of Fairhope for the City to treat the wastewater from BCSS customers on the west side of Fish River at their Fairhope Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). At the current time, the agreement between BCSS and the City of Fairhope that expires on July 13, 2017 will not be renewed. Therefore, BCSS is moving forward with rerouting wastewater flows from customers on the west side of Fish River to the BCSS Daphne WWTP off Highway 90.
BCSS has obtained a permit to extend a sewer main line along County Road 32. Beginning on June 27 (weather permitting), BCSS plans to install approximately one and a half miles of sewer force main on County Road 32 from the west side to the east side of Fish River. Best management practices will be utilized during construction and testing."

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So if the contract has expired did the cigar smoking good ole boys make another back room deal?