Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Fly Creek Multi-occupancy Development Proposed

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: This rezoning was approved later by the Baldwin County Planning Commission; but still needs final approval by the county commission.


A request by property owner Chunchula Energy Corporation to rezone 4 acres south of Parker Road (west of U.S. 98) from RSF-2 (single family residential) to RMF-6 (multi-family district) will be considered during the Baldwin County Planning and Zoning Commission's monthly meeting tomorrow at 6PM, Central Annex, 22251 Palmer St. in Roberstdale (Case # Z-17024).

The property is outside of Fairhope city limits, but abuts the 'Flying Creek' neighborhood within on the west side -- and is one parcel north from Fly Creek itself.

Richard Cobb is the applicant.

Celia Wallace is president of Chunchula Energy Corp.,  according to online resources:

"Celia Ann Harmon Wallace (click) has been Chief Executive Officer of Southern Medical Health Systems, Inc., a healthcare provider holding company since 1986. Ms. Wallace has been Chairman of the Board of Southern Medical Health Systems, Inc. since 1986. She serves as Chairman of Chunchula Energy Corporation. She served as Vice President of the Alabama Port Authority, American Red Cross Board of Directors and is a National Trustee of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. She has been a Trustee at Spring Hill College since September 2008. She also serves on the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Nursing Board of Visitors. She serves as Director of SSI Group, Inc., Southern Medical Health Systems, Inc. and Chunchula Energy Corporation. Ms. Wallace served as Director of First American Corporation since 1996. She served as Director of First American National Bank, a subsidiary of First American Corporation. She is a Member of the Alabama Society of Radiological Technologists and the American Society of Radiological Technologists. Ms. Wallace attended the University of Alabama and is board certified in radiological technology."

Parker Road  property

The proposal for the 24-unit townhouse community has been recommended for approval by county planning staff -- but there is a note further approval may be needed by the City of Fairhope since it is still within the city's extra-territorial planning jurisdiction.

It is also noted county subdivision and storm water control regulations will apply as well.

Fairhope Planning Director Wayne Dyess has requested a 25' buffer be included on the west side, adjacent the city's 'Flying Creek' neighborhood on Alice Lane.

The non profit 'Friends of Fly Creek' organization has resisted any new development in the Fly Creek basin due to potential environmental damage to the creek, according to statements posted on social media and elsewhere: It has a lawsuit pending against another large development across U.S. 98 ... scheduled for trial next month.

The Baldwin County Commission has the final say in all county rezoning matters, by majority vote.


Rusty said...

I think they look great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another inside ideal .

Anonymous said...

I hope that, if they plan to use Fairhope Utilities for water and sewer, this is turned down for rezoning until the time that Fairhope figures out how to fix the infrastructure and stop dumping the sewage into the Bay. This is just more of the same......someone is well connected and will make mega-bucks selling these things when there is no place to send the sewage. The Developers and Politicians will continue lining their pockets off of these deals until the entire bay is a massive staph infection!
Please try to make these Planning Commissioners personally liable for their decisions so that the residents can go back and personally sue them when they destroy our world.......or perhaps we should insist that the Commissioners require their own children to spend several hours per week in the Bay water......that might wake them up. If the choice is for them to pocket several hundred thousand dollars or else have their kids eaten up with flesh eating bacteria, they might finally make a responsible choice........or not?

Publisher said...

The "flesh eating" bacteria is not the same as that found in animal feces or sewage overflows: It is not tested for here.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing. Commute times...

Philip Webb said...

The planning commissioners are appointed and are not paid nor do they receive personal benefit. Their job is to make sure new developments comply with existing law. To say they should be held personally liable is not reasonable. If a project complies with current laws and regulations they cannot with hold approval. To deny approval on a complying project would be the equivalent of a government entity taking your property without payment. Government cannot do that in this country.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to last poster.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the fix is in on this one to.

Anonymous said...

Publisher how can you let someone post this comment putting the commisooner kids in the water to get ate with flesh eating bacteria.

Joseph Cazalas said...

Environmental protection is a thousand times more important than profits from building. Fairhope infrastructure is in need of millions of dollars in repairs and updates. This past weekend is a prime example. If the commissioners are not willing to swim in fly creek then they shouldn't be willing to approve new construction nearby.