Sunday, August 13, 2017

New U.S. 98 Trail Bridge Design Approved

Fairhope, Alabama

Multi-use trail along U.S. 98


The city council approved an additional $44K (change order #1) to complete the multi-use path from Hwy 104 north to South Drive: questions arose about the original plan approved last Summer for an all-wooden bridge -- so a new design was developed using an aluminum span instead.

Aluminum bridge here
Originally, pilings were to be driven every eight feet across the creek, but it was decided that may present problematic long-term maintenance issues and potentially block the creek (log jams): underground utilities located in the area could have been damaged during construction as well.

Instead, a 70' X 8' prefabricated aluminum bridge will span the creek itself -- and a wooden boardwalks  installed on approaches north and south, all ADA compliant.

The bridge will have to be installed at a slight angle for the crane lifting it to clear the overhead power lines during installation.

It should take about two months to construct the bridge and bring it here, but construction of the boardwalk approaches should begin soon (8' wide, 92' and 52' long respectively).

Golf carts will be allowed on the trail, at last report.

Contractor 'Arrington Curb and Excavation' of Flomaton will be given extra time to complete the project.


CaliAli Stephanie said...

HI and thank you for the post. I have a quick question -- will bikes slip on the aluminum material when it is wet?

Joey said...

Golf Carts belong on a golf course, not on sidewalks. How pretentious.

Publisher said...

Properly licensed, equipped golf carts are permitted on city streets where speeds are under 35 mpg.

Anonymous said...

To be licensed, golf carts need to be 'street legal' which means that the cart has a VIN just as any other car.
One cannot take a normal golf cart and 'outfit'' it with lights, windshield wipers, etc; if it does not have a VIN, it cannot be legal on Fairhope streets....learned this one the hard way!

Joey B said...

then let them ride in the street and not the sidewalk then.