Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Smaller Sewage Overflows Reported Last Week

Fairhope, Alabama

Valley Drive/Middle Street


According to public records, 78, 000 gallons of sewage overflowed from a manhole and lift station on Valley Drive last Friday (August 4th) during the six-inch rainstorm, into the Tatumville gully system: that area has been notorious for such problems even though some of the collection pipes were re-lined recently.

Others reported:

* Over 3,900 gallons overflowed from the lift station and manhole at 6335  Twin Beech Road into the Pole Cat Creek basin.

* Over 1,000 (less than 10,000) from a lift station on E. McGowin Drive into the Waterhole Branch  drainage basin.

* 6,000 gallons from a manhole at 50 Young Street into the Big Mouth gully system.

Also, the next day (Saturday, August 5th)  over 1,000 from a manhole and lift station on Meadowbrook Drive into a drainage ditch, due to equipment (controller) failure.


An engineering study commissioned by the mayor/city council earlier this year to identify sewage collection system problems and solutions has been completed, but its results have not yet been announced to the public.

Additional funding to continue addressing the issues is expected to be included in the next fiscal year's municipal budget (Oct 1st).

Excessive rain water penetrates through the ground and leaks into underground sewage collection pipes, overloading them causing overflows through manholes and lift stations.


Anonymous said...

Why has the City Council not addressed these issues at all? All they seem to care about is being fair to out-of-state developers. We need a new Council!

Anonymous said...

Why does the City Council not have anything on the agenda for Monday's meeting to address these issues? I consider this on-going disaster to be a priority but not so much for the Council. Last year, they spent millions on the soccer fields, the seldom used ampitheatre and the airport debt; why is the sewer system at the bottom of the spending list? It makes no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Because they can blame the geese for the bacteria once it hits the bay, it is not Fairhope. Should there be a fine from the environmental people for this It keeps happening and it is a health hazard.

Anonymous said...

According to the City of Fairhope Facebook page, the sewer overflow into Fly Creek the weekend of Aug. 5-6 was over 266,000 gallons. When Baykeeper tested the water in Fly Creek, it had over seven times the maximum EPA limit for swimming of E. coli bacteria.

Anonymous said...

But, let's keep Fairhope /Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

The flower clock looks great!

Anonymous said...

If you were a business you would pay a fine(i.e. BP). This is no different although smaller but it is still an environmental issue. Hazardous waste. Fairhope should be forced to own up

Joey said...

Less money to work with, with the city being sued all the time. Gotta thank the new mayor for $300K worth of wrongful dismissal claims now.

But yeah, the flower clock looks great.

Lipstick on a pig.

Anonymous said...

there will always be overflows. Not a big deal.