Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Building Maintenance Department Possible

Fairhope, Alabama

Fairhope library north side 


The city council is considering creating a new city department for the maintenance of all city buildings and their associated equipment; building maintenance technician Lance Cabanis envisions a three-person department to deal with chronic maintenance issues that have been ongoing at various buildings for years.

The library, municipal pool, and golf clubhouse buildings are currently in need of repair -- and other buildings have been problematic over the years as well.

The new department would be responsible for mechanical, some electric, and general/routine maintenance of systems such as air conditioning.


Walker at left.
Jim Walker of Goodwyn Mills and Caywood proposed solutions to fix chronic roof leaks: He said  most of the leaks originate on the roof itself, but some others from the buildings 'envelope."

The entire 'low roof' area on the north side (green in the photo  below) needs to be removed and replaced (membrane) as well as edge flashing, gutters and downspouts.

The 'high roof' area (gray in photo) is in "decent" shape and only areas of the membrane need to be cut out and replaced; and the entire area re-coated. Some of the "clerestory" windows there also need to be replaced with shorter ones -- and the wall re-configured appropriately, he said.

Some of the windows there were not assembled correctly.

Windows leaking
The 'children's octagon' and Giddens Room roofs only need re-coating.

Stucco and bricks throughout are in "fair shape" but areas need to be cut out and replaced; the entire building needs to be pressure washed.

Preliminary cost estimate is for about $500K plus engineering fees, all to be included in next year's budget.

The repair project will have to be put out for bids before the actual costs are known.

Library roof (north is up).


The council recently accepted city staff's recommendation to reject the bid of $186K for repairs to the city's municipal pool building because only one bid was submitted -- and to to allow time to change the scope and specifications for the project.
West facade

Part of the exterior facade on the west side began to collapse about a year and a half ago and had to be shored up; there is no structural problem and the interior of the building itself is safe, according to recreation officials.

Additional work may be needed to improve ventilation to prevent corrosion -- and some framing may need to be replaced.

Air conditioning was planned when the building was constructed to decrease humidity build-up inside but was never installed, according to Operations Director Peterson.


A new scaled-back estimate of water damage repairs at the Quail Creek Golf course clubhouse is $209K, including new decking in back and ADA compliance (ramp, doors).

Leaks below windows and incorrect installation of siding caused extensive damage to that 1983-constructed building.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we should just tear down the library and start over when we can afford it. How did get away with such a horrid design? I hope that the City of Fairhope never uses them again. They 'design' well but clearly with no regard to integrity/future costs.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there one already? duh.

Anonymous said...

So basically all of the structures built under the Kant administration are crumbling. But hey! #flowers

TexTide said...

Karin wanting to increase the size of government...

Anonymous said...

The librarys problems started with the bickering between the mayor and city council back in 2005. They tried to cut corners and poor construction resulted.

Anonymous said...

This trail of good ole' boy construction/maintenance nightmares doesn't include the issues at the marina.