Monday, September 18, 2017

Rose Garden Condos Get Thumbs Down

Fairhope, Alabama

Pope standing


After a lengthy hearing, the city's Board of Adjustments and Appeals voted unanimously to deny a variance and 'special exception' to allow a three -story,  four-unit condominium building to be constructed east of the Rose Garden at the main pier.

Owner Bob Pope was asking for front and rear setback variances and permission for a multi-family project on his property at 4 Beach Road at the base of the bluff: He cited the long history of various commercial activity there including a water tower at one time.


City Planning Director Dyess recommended denying the requests because of the proposed density and height; but added he was sympathetic to the setback variances.

Several citizens spoke against the project; no one for it.

Board member John Avent agreed there may be setback issues with the property but said the project "breaks every rule in the book" otherwise.

Avent summarized calling a multi-family in the tourist district "the worst idea I ever heard."

Pope has the option of appealing the decision to civil court.


Anonymous said...

Good job board! Watching out for Fairhope! Just hope he doesn't attain an attorney!

Anonymous said...

Pope, you'd have better luck building asking to build a (redacted) in Disneyland.

Preston McMillan said...

Thanks to those who love our Fairhope, this Condo project has met the proper end....thank you from those of us who LOVE this Town and want to preserve as much as we can....THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

I'll add to the "Thank You's". If you are seeking an adjustment to an ordinance, you should be prepared to present the need. I don't see any need with this parcel. It should be a gold mine within its current use as a restaurant. It would only take a small amount of creativity and gumption to make this property very profitable within the allowable zoned uses. Actually, I believe the current use is being wasted on such a unique property. It's really a shame. I am hopeful the City will continue to show some concern for its own long term well-being by denying "adjustment" requests such as this.

Anonymous said...

I agree. There are a lot of people on Facebook who say that the City and Colony need to pay off Pope so that he gets 'his due appreciation' or whatever. That is absurd; he can put it on the market and sell it for whatever the market will bring for its current designated use. I am sick of these people trying to extort cash from the taxpayers just because they feel entitled to it. If he made a poor purchase decision or failed to maintain his property, he may not make a lot of money from it, but he is an adult and has made his own choices.

Anonymous said...

He can still build a 3 story condo using the current setback variances in place as long as he doesn't exceed the 30 foot height restrictions, he just can't build what he proposed. Let guy sue, free country, but absolutely no hardship. City should be last ones to buy it if option, city has history of competing with private enterprise which I deem unethical. Colony trying to do same with condo development, equally unethical, but has almost as much money as city & could buy and place in public parks deed along with the rest of the approx 18 acres of bay park. But may think other areas of Fairhope are more in need of park space. If the building used by the fire dept ceases current use, it automatically goes into park lands. Most appalling were comments Pope should "donate/give"property to City! Would love to get like minded people to donate THEIR property. Idiot thought process and may give City idea to cry and implement "eminent domain" for "common good".