Thursday, May 17, 2018

Library Repair Saga Continues

Fairhope, Alabama


According to the city's Operations Director Richard Peterson, there were two responses to the city's request for bids for repairs to the "exterior envelope" of the library: chronic roof leaks have been a problem almost since its completion in 2007; window and gutter leaks, peeling stucco, and similar issues have developed over the years as well, all leading to structural damage in places inside.

Richard Peterson
The low bidder was M. W. Rodgers Construction of Mobile with a base bid of $998K, reviewed for the city and recommended by GMC engineering. The other was C. Sharpe Construction of Orange Beach, base bid $1.2 million.

The city council had budgeted $550K for the repairs.

One possible cause for the increase cited was the long delay in implementing repairs (its been debated and put off for years) and the rise of construction costs in the interim.

The chronic problems have been attributed to everything from faulty design, construction techniques, and materials used, and to improper maintenance; all warranties on the building expired some time ago.


Possibly during its next meeting, the city council will discuss whether to accept the low bid (as required by state law) or reject both bids and seek new proposals for the repairs.

The library may have to be closed during some of the repairs.


Anonymous said...

I am sick that our weak City Council, .... , has refused to pursue the ..... for designing this shoddy building. Also, where are the claims against the builder? Didn't the city just pay ....... about $500,000 last year? Clearly, neither our City Council nor ........ should have any further input into construction in Fairhope!

Anonymous said...

This money pit came to life under Mayor Kant and that disaster of a city council. It is a monument to ego.

Anonymous said...

The political squabbles at the top back in 2005 resulted in unwise cost-cutting and faulty construction, similar to the soccer complex being built in 2016 without restrooms. Time to bite the bullet on this one, learn from past mistakes, and move on.

Anonymous said...

can't pursue.... statute of limitations has long expired.... its the law

Anonymous said...

Well the actual costs was triple the original bid,and the city or state NEVER go after the architects or builders as ALLOWED by state and Federal law under engineering ethics yet well ALL know how the ethics commissions work.

Anonymous said...

I am new here. How did it get into such bad shape? and why are homeless people allowed to live there?

Anonymous said...

Both are good questions that residents would like to have answered. If anyone questions how the homeless woman is allowed to live at the library they are skewered and portrayed as heartless. Good luck getting answers.

Nan Denson said...

The Library is one of Fairhope's greatest assets and it's a shame to see it in such poor condition. Yes, the original architect, builder, etc. should have been held responsible for the problems, but they weren't. There's nothing we can do about that now. But, we can go ahead and have the repairs made before costs go up even more and before more damage is done to the Library building and the collection it houses. This can't continue to be discussed with no action taken.

Anonymous said...

She is mentally ill and may be dangerous.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A homeless person living at the library is unsafe for all involved. It can also lead to additional homeless. Loitering and leaving unknown items sitting next to a public building is also against all homeland security rules of abandoned packages. Also, litter,bed bugs, defecating can be a huge sanitation issue. Setting This precedent is not in keeping with what is safe and sound for all residents. Who ever is allowing this behavior to continue should review the laws. My daughter and I found her laying on the floor of the public restroom growling. It is not safe for her and enabling this is not smart.