Thursday, May 27, 2010

Phony Landscaping Company Cut Publix Bank Trees

According to sources close to the situation, the City's Horticulturist was told 'Regency Landscaping' illegally trimmed trees in the protected natural buffer near the Iberia Bank now under construction (corner of Parker Rd. and U.S 98).
According to public records, there is no such business in operation in Alabama; but Regency Centers Inc. owns the Shoppes at Fairhope Village Development.
The Horticulturist (Ms. Fidler) had specifically stipulated at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting last Fall that the plants not be disturbed.
The issue is apparently moot anyway, since Mayor has suspended enforcement of the applicable ordinance.
["Selective enforcement" of tree ordinances in the "triangle" area has been a complaint in several lawsuits against the city (two now pending). ]


Anonymous said...

But, isn't lying to investigators a crime in itself? This thing ought to be investigated by professionals of the police department, not our usual political bumblers. Its no joke: important to protect our trees!

ChristainGuy said...

This City does need professional help across the board! Just hiring friends and family of politicians whe need a job isnt working out so well.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of these people are telling us the truth. Maybe they've all been threaten by the Mayor?

Anonymous said...

It's a utility right of way or at the very least an easement... let me just find that plat online.

The utility company has the authority to do line maintenance and to maintain access to those lines for that purpose. The City staff, along with Mrs. Fidler knows this quite well. Why does the Fairhope Times parrot their asanine statements and make it out to be set in stone law. One day one of these "fat cat" developers are going to sue the City and win. Unlike P.R. they have the financial backing and the attorney's to do so.

Note the photo shown is appears to be from December 09, possibly earlier. Is our Government truly this inefficient?