Monday, March 3, 2014

New Environmental Committee Meets

Fairhope, Alabama


The city's re-formed Environmental Advisory Committee met recently (Feb. 19th) in the Delchamps room at city hall.

 Gary Gover, the only member left from the previous committee acted as interim chairman until enough members are present to elect a permanent one.

Members include: "Gover, Shaun Graham, Terry Hargroder, Jean Normand, Don Prosch, Mike Shelton, Kim Burmeister and Nancy Milford represent city staff, and the city council liaison, Rich Mueller.

Gover suggested a mission statement for the committee: "... to provide policy advice on environmental matters that are of concern ... to the city."

Gover: "Want to make it clear ... to the mayor and council ... we are here to put together advice on any issue they send us... ."

Councilman Mueller said the committee would primarily advise the council -- and 2 or more sub committees may need to be appointed as well.

Mueller: "This committee will be making recommendations to them (city council) through me ... or in public meetings."

Mueller said the committee should develop direction: 1, 3 and 5 year plans so money can be budgeted appropriately if needed -- and concentrate on specific "targets of our attention" and not "just go through the motions to say we've got an environmental committee ... ."

Mueller: "We want the citizens to have a positive outlook about us ... we're not just a bunch of tree huggers ... don't get me wrong though ... I like trees too ... ."

The committee decided to wait until its next meeting to seek input from new members before proceeding.

Mueller was to bring individual city council member's environmental concerns to the next meeting as well.


Some possible areas of interest:

* Continuing the fecal bacteria study of bay and creek waters to determine exact sources (click)
   (a proposal was made in 2011 to continue an Auburn University study -- click)
* Low Impact Development (LID) as a way to eliminate high maintenance retention ponds
* Fly Creek Watershed Project to protect the creek


Subsequent to this meeting, the city council passed a Resolution forming a new sub-committee -- specifically charged to manage the long leaf pine restoration project underway at Knoll Park; they will also be members of the full Environmental Committee -- and subject to state open meeting laws.

The additional members so-far are: Peggy Dyson, May Moss Parker, Bobby Green, Tom Ellis, and Ann Nix.

More members may be appointed as applications are received.

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Robert said...

Rich is a straight talker. He tells it like it is. Unusual for a politician these days. Good man.

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Anonymous said...

Why do they always hold their meetings in a bomb shelter?