Sunday, May 14, 2017

Latest Fairhope Library Repair Effort Underway

Fairhope, Alabama

New inspections underway


Goodwyn Mills and Cawood Inc. is the latest engineering firm selected by the mayor and approved by the city council to solve chronic roof leak and other problems at the library.

Projects costing over $100K are required to have an engineer or architect; mayor Wilson is to negotiate the fee schedule.

Jim Walker of GMC Inc.
Purchasing department manager Dan Ames said the scope of work for the engineer is to "determine the scope of work for the project ... and come up with bid specs for the repairs" -- which will then have to be put out for bids from contractors.

"To repair the leakage ... increasingly coming into the building since 2006  and secondarily stucco, siding and possibly window issues."

Jim Walker of GMC added there are three phases to his firms proposal:

1) Testing phase to find out where the leaks are occurring.
interior leaks
2) Design phase to integrate findings into construction specification documents.
3) Administration of the construction/repairs by selected contractors.

Cosmetic problems caused by the leaks could be addressed later as well.

$300K has been budgeted for the repairs this year.

Mac Walcot, last July

A similar effort begun last June (click) by the building's original designer 'Walcot Adams and Verneuille ' failed to produce any results.

At its last meeting, the city council approved a $32,510 payment for their services anyway; their findings were never announced publicly.

No written contract was ever signed for the services, as is usually the case with government contracts: Council president Burrell called it a "good faith effort" from a "handshake" agreement at the time.

Inspections underway


Anonymous said...

If Walcot Adams' faulty design is the reason for the problems, why does the city continue to pay them and receive no positive results? This is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Has it ever been determined whether it is a design flaw or a construction problem?

Publisher said...

No, nothing has been officially said about it publicly. The comments here are only speculation.

Anonymous said...

Contracts have to be in writing to comply with state law.
if that was important around here.

Anonymous said...

Well if water has been leaking in that long,how much mold is in the walls,ceiling ,etc.Since the artictects,and contractors didn't build it right,just go to the back wall,bring a level and square.The back wall is 3.5 inches out of square with the building and at the very least 2 inches out of plumb.The lighting system was not in stalled in the beginning,had to be added then a fire.

Mr. Bill said...

A "handshake agreement" my be OK for private business operations but NOT for spending PUBLIC FUNDS. Our local government (City Council) has a duty to document and account for each tax dollar they spend. What did the $32,000 accomplish? Where is the report/results? What say you City Council?

Anonymous said...

The $32k was probably spent on those nice, big raises that the staff got. The City Council hasn't been forceful enough to investigate Library funds. Submit reports/results if there's nothing to hide. Where's the transparency in appropriating library funds?